OutDoor Media

CAT7 outdoor

We will offer quality outdoor media through a variety of outdoor advertising means all across. Increase your reach with most effective outdoor campaign with CAT7, use Hording, Uni-poll, Bus Shelters, DTC bus, DMRC Metro, Auto and many more. The idea behind Outdoor Media is to simplify the business process in outdoor industry. The site aims at connecting various professionals/agencies/clients on one common platform and helps them conduct business in a low middlemen environment.

The initiative is to bring all the outdoor media agencies under one roof. This portal would work as a search engine of outdoor media, where in the buyer can search media according to his needs & requirements sitting anywhere in India for the site posted by sellers themselves.

Outdoor Media has a trading perspective leading to deliver knowledge about outdoor industry and technologies used in it and helping to organise the market. It aims to standardise the rates/prices of outdoor mediums by reducing middlemen. This would be a common place for buyers & vendors to interact and building up strong networks. Outdoor Media is a friendly website, offering quality content to viewer. It is a free trade zone to save time & cost. The website helps to create two way communications among outdoor media industry. It has two modules to simplify tasks for seller as well as for buyer.

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